Places to see ODKF in Maharashtra

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Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (ODKF)

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (commonly called as ODKF) is the most beautiful kingfisher found in India. ODKF is a widespread resident of lowland forest and endemic to western coastal region of India.

Striking bright bluish-black with violet wash with red and yellow colors; ODKF is can be easily identified. ODKF prefers habitat of small streams in densely shaded forests. ODKF is endemic to western coastal region of India. Below are some of the best places to see ODKF in Maharashtra:

Konkan Region -

Chiplun is the best known hotspot for birders in Maharashtra to see ODKF. But it can also be commonly seen in many other coastal villages in Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurga districts of Konkan.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary -

Sanctuary is located in Panvel. Its a very small sanctuary and its a breeding ground for birds like Malabar Trogan and Indian Pitta. ODKF has been frequently seen in this bird sanctuary as well.

Tamhini Forest -

Range of ODKF is still being studied and year on year birders are discovering the new places to spot ODKF. ODKF has been seen and reported in the specific parts of Tamhini Forest.

When and how to locate ODKF?

Breeding season of ODKF is in Monsoon and that is the best time to see ODKF and their activities. One should visit densely shaded forest in any of the above given areas to increase their chances to see this beautiful bird. Like most of the kingfishers; ODKF also build their nest near the bank. They locate a prime area based on food sources, desirable perches and safe roosting sites. Once the suitable location is identified; both male and female work together to burrow a horizontal tunnel in the muddy wall and then lay eggs. ODKF are most active during mornings and evenings searching for lizards, skinks, snails, frogs, crickets and dragonflies.


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